Chinwag games bring remote teams together

Without sustained effort remote-teams drift apart. Teams use Chinwag to reinforce their values and encourage collaboration. Chinwag does this with short, fun games where people work together.

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What kinds of activities should I expect?

Our offering is constantly being updated, but here are a couple of examples.

A single player version of Danger Noodle being played.
Danger Noodle

At the start of the month we'll pair people up. Each pair is invited to compete in Danger Noodle, a retro multiplayer game. The game controls are split. One player controls up/down, the other controls left/right.

What value does this have?

The split controls require the team to communicate their intentions clearly and rely on each other to overcome obstacles. It gives the opportunity to engage with other team members and work towards a small goal. Bringing people together like this also avoids the need for small-talk and awkward first conversations.

A photo of someones desk, used in a game of guess-the-desk.
Guess the desk

At the start of each month we send a message to everyone in the #slack-group asking them to submit a photo of their desk. Throughout the month we then post one of those pictures to the #slack-group and ask people to guess who and why.

What value does this have?

It's common for people to forget that the face on the other side of a video call is a human with a life outside of their quota of work. Regular prompts that we work with a team of people are important reminders to treat people kindly.


Free, while Chinwag is in beta.